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Our business group is a consulting firm that conducts not only GLOBAL real estate investment business, M&A, and IPO support business in Japan and overseas, but also complex business such as support for overseas expansion to the EU, Dubai, America, Australia, etc. is.

Our Services


In cooperation with M&A experts with extensive experience (lawyers, accountants, tax accountants, etc.), we form the optimal team according to the project, develop specific M&A projects, and conduct M&A transactions. We provide a one-stop advisory service that supports customers' decision-making quickly and appropriately, including support for implementation.


It is important to verify from a comprehensive perspective, including the potential value of real estate, future fluctuation factors, and economic efficiency due to tax effects. We perform all sorts of verifications, including verification of various contracts, verification of real estate appraised value, verification of value-up possibilities and holding costs such as future repair costs, and verification of potential risks of the relevant property.


We provide global real estate investment information regardless of whether it is domestic or overseas. We always strive for accuracy and promptly provide valuable and unique information. We strive to help our customers create value through high-value-added information.


We are a reliable and proven team that specializes in NASDAQ listing support business. Listing on the world's largest stock exchange is an important step for a company, but the process is complex and difficult. We support your success and provide professional guidance and top-level strategies to help you achieve your best results.

 The weak yen attracts attention from overseas investors! Hotel《M&A》

Due to the historic depreciation of the yen, purchasing needs from overseas investors are booming!We have cultivated a global reputation that includes improving customer value.In the network

Hotel owner business succession, we innovatively support your company's growth!

Hotel sale/​M&A/Business succession/Free consultation

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